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Amanda Dufner Just Sending Out Pool Ass Shots In The Middle Of The Day

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Jason Dufner stays winning.  Simple as that.  Even when he’s sidelined by injury his life is still the best life in the world.  Daddy Duf can look out his window and see his SMOKE wife catching rays next to the pool, toss in a dip and remember, “Oh yeah.  I’m…..I’m hittin’ that.”  The rule, as always, is it’s great to be Jason Dufner/to be a rich fat guy with money because you can land a hot wife no matter what you look like.


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By trent posted August 26th, 2014 at 12:59 PM

Iowa State Football Defensive And Special Teams Preview

Football girls

College Football season is in sight, so I am back to preview what will be a hopeful year for the Iowa State Cyclones, who have been picked ninth in the 10-team Big-12 Conference. Today, we will take a look at the defense and the special teams units, followed by the Cyclone offense and season outlook later in the week.

DB’s: It is never a good sign when three of the top five tacklers on the 2013 defense came out of this unit. The pass-happy Big-12 offenses do have some reason for that, but the returning members of the defensive backfield still have yet to tackle a Baylor Bear. The other Sam Richardson is back, and is still 5’7”. The guy plays hard and had 53 tackles last year with 7 pass breakups, but 0 interceptions in 12 games. At the other corner, Nigel Tribune started seven games, and had a nice pick against Oklahoma State. The answer at the Safety spots will be tough to figure out, after losing Washington and Broomfield. JUCO players hope to fill those voids, hopefully, due to a lack of young talent. These guys will be tested, and without steady QB pressure, it could be a long season on the back end.

LB’s: The leader of the defense in Jeremiah George is gone to the Jets, meaning Jevohn Miller will have to step up at Will. Jared Brackens showed flashes last year at Sam, but had his three best tackling games against UNI, Tulsa, and West Virginia. Granted, there were very few tackles made last season against Baylor (L, 7-71), Oklahoma State (L, 28-58), and Oklahoma (L, 10-48). This unit has to step up in every game if the Cyclones don’t want to again give up 50+ ppg against the powerhouses of the conference.

DL: Maybe the best part about the defensive line for Iowa State is the fact that it gets a training camp against one of the best offensive lines in the conference. The guys are big, but are young and inexperienced with only 3.0 sacks returning from last season. Two of the sacks came from Cory Morrissey, who led the line with 6.5 tackles from a loss in 2013. Other than that, much like the Safety position, the starters against North Dakota State on August 30th are anybody’s guess.

Punter: No more Kirby Van Der Kamp means there’s an open punter call for the Cyclones this season. Colin Downing and Holden Kramer will battle it out to replace what was the best player on Iowa State’s roster last year. Not a typo; the best player on last year’s roster was a punter.

Kicker: Ankeny’s own Cole Netten is back after a successful freshman campaign in which he went 13-for-18 on field goals, including 10-for-11 from under 40. You have to feel okay about the kicker more than any other position in the first half of this preview, which is good for a program known to shank the occasional 22-yarder.

Returns: Wideout Jarvis West returned punts last year and had a kickoff return for a touchdown, as did DeVondrick Nealy. A lot has to happen for touchdowns in the return game, but if the Cyclones can end the season with 4-5 of these, it can only enhance their chances at a bowl bid.

For the defense to be successful, a ball-control offense would help. However, Iowa State is going to keep up with the rest of the country in Mark Mangino’s offense and utilize their strengths in the passing game. If Downing/Kramer can pin opponents deep like Van Der Kamp was able to do a season ago, the youthful defense will have a little less pressure taken off. While the offense will be fun to watch, the defense will be challenged weekly, along with the livers of Cyclone Nation. It feels like the defense is a year away from being mediocre, whereas the offense is a year away from being great.


By ggilson3 posted August 26th, 2014 at 12:30 PM

Freshman At Iowa Decides To Take It Easy The Night Before Classes Start So He Overdoses And Causes His Entire Dorm To Be Evacuated


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Press-Citizen- The University of Iowa’s Slater Hall was evacuated Sunday night after a student was hospitalized with apparent overdose symptoms and staff found suspicious chemicals in the dorm room. Special Agent in Charge Dan Stepleton with the Iowa Department of Public Safety’s Division of Narcotics Enforcement said officers responded Sunday evening to a report of a disoriented student in the lobby of Slater Hall, a university residence hall west of the Iowa River south of Grand Avenue. “What happened was we had a young man from the dorm, apparently looked like they were suffering from probably overdose symptoms of an illicit narcotic,” Stepleton said. According to a UI news release issued Monday, UI police responded about 7:45 p.m. Sunday and the student was transported to UI Hospitals and Clinics for treatment about 8:20 p.m.According to the news release, the student is recovering at UIHC and the Office of the Dean of students is investigating to determine if any UI policies have been violated.UI spokesman Tom Moore said he could not discuss the student’s medical state because of confidentiality rules.Moore said members of the hall’s housing and dining services staff entered the student’s room to perform a welfare check and found chemicals and other suspicious items.


Yeah!  School’s back in session!  Go big or go fucking home.  Set the tone early.  That’s what this kid is all about.  I ‘d say for the most part kids heading into the Monday of their freshman year take it easy and prepare for the upcoming semester.  Which means the majority of the student body looks like a bunch of pussies compared to this kid right here.  The article doesn’t say what drug the kid overdosed on but that’s a fact I don’t need right now.  Whatever it was he took enough of it to OD on the Sunday before his freshman classes started which forced the entire dorm to be evacuated and that’s spectacular.  This kid can play for me any day of the week.  Not only did he overdose on whatever drug but the article makes it sound like he was also making/cooking/growing the drug in his dorm room.  The word hero gets thrown around a lot in 2014 but I think it’s safe to say this kid is a hero.  He just set the bar about as high as it can go for a class of students heading into their freshman year.  Good luck everybody!


PS- Did any freshman at Syracuse OD the night before classes started?  I didn’t fucking think so.  Party School Scorecard: Iowa 1, Syracuse 0.  Give the crown back.

By trent posted August 25th, 2014 at 3:38 PM

Volunteer At The Barclays Face Plants And Breaks His Face Into A Million Pieces


Down goes the golf volunteer!  Looked like he got hit by a sniper sitting in the gallery.  No way he didn’t break his face into a million pieces.  No way no how.  Face plant city.  The reaction from the crowd was priceless.  ”OHhhhhhhh that guy might need facial reconstruction surgery/be dead”  Classic.  Nothing ruins a peaceful Saturday of volunteering at a golf tournament faster than running your face into the ground at full speed on national TV.

By trent posted August 23rd, 2014 at 4:45 PM

Dubuque High Schools To Make Their Students Wear Heart Monitors During Gym Class To Make Sure They’re Actually Working Out

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DUBUQUE, Iowa (AP) — Dubuque teachers will be able to monitor students’ heart rates through a web-based program while they exercise at school. The program gives Dubuque Community School District teachers an idea of physical activity levels by middle school and high school students while they exercise in class, the Dubuque Telegraph Herald reported ( ). Students will place straps containing heart sensors around their chests. The sensors will send data about the students’ heart rates that will be projected onto a screen or wall in class while they’re exercising. The online application that collects the data is called Polar GoFit. It also shows how close a student is to reaching his or her target heart rate and maintains a record of how long students remain in those zones. Jackie Hart Weeber, a health and wellness teacher at the Eleanor Roosevelt Middle School, said she is excited to see how the program will affect her students’ motivation levels in class. She said the program will give students instant feedback and shows “if they are doing well or if they need to be working a bit harder.” “I no longer have to grade students just by looking at them,” she said. “Now I know if they are really working.”


This suuuuuuuuscks for the kids going to high school in Dubuque in 2014.  Technology is great but to ruin the institution of gym class is royally fucked up.  I don’t want to go all “back in my day” but back in my day, gym class was the easiest class you could ever take.  I was the worst student in the world and I got an A in gym class.  It was the only A I ever got during my academic career.  You know why?  Because it was a joke of a class.  We did absolutely nothing.  Well that’s not true.  It was a 50 minute class and all we had to do was walk around the gym in circles.  Over and over again.  As long as we did that the teacher wouldn’t hassle us.  That’s literally all we did.  Round and a round and a round for 50 straight minutes.  Our gym teacher was a huge sports fan and all he’d do during class is watch games or ESPN on a TV in the equipment closet.  It was great.  The A I got in gym class was the only thing that bumped my GPA up enough to allow me to be eligible to play football.  It was a godsend.  But now with these heart monitors that’s all out the window.  They’re actually going to be monitoring the kid’s heart rates on a computer during class.  Absurd.  And if you’re not at the level you should be for a sustained period of time it lowers your grade.  That’s a fucking racket.  Gym should always be an easy A.  Not to mention there’s nothing worse than the kid who actually tries in gym class and smells like the shit the rest of the day.

I’m sure the real reason is there’s some government money these Dubuque schools can become eligible for if their students get healthy across the board but that sucks even more.  Gym class is supposed to be where kids do nothing but walk in circles around the gym and pretend to do squats in the weight room while wearing jeans.

By trent posted August 20th, 2014 at 10:00 AM

Fred Hoiberg Does The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge And Nominates Harrison Barnes And Doug McDermott


Ice bucket challenge, so hot right now.  Ice bucket challenge.


PS- You’re probably saying to yourself, “Holy shit, I can’t believe Harrison Barnes and Doug McDermott are from Iowa!”  Well fucking believe it.  Basketball hot bed in the middle of the map.  Now you know.

By trent posted August 15th, 2014 at 1:24 PM

Facebook Says They Can’t Shut Down The “People of The Iowa State Fair” Page Just Because Of The Fat-Shaming Comments

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Cosmopolitan- “Policing that kind of influx of content is impossible,” a Facebook administrator tells of the People of the Iowa State Fair Facebook page, which mocks Iowans for their weight, sexual orientation, and clothing choices. The page has more than 66,000 likes, 2,000 photos posted, and more than 1 million comments in the past week.   Some of the posts are innocent enough. Parents posting pictures of their children enjoying festivities is the kind of publicity the fair is OK with, remarks State Fair rep Lori Chappell. However, “It’s kind of a hurtful Facebook page …We keep getting back from [Facebook], ‘It doesn’t violate community standards.’ So they don’t do anything about it.” The most upsetting comments range from blatant mom-shaming (“I believe this lady is pregnant. I could be wrong. But if so, I find the beer and the cigarette a classy touch.”)


I’m confused, who are the people fighting for the People of the Iowa State Fair Facebook page to be taken down?  It sure as shit isn’t the people who are in the pictures and being fat-shamed.  Why?  Because if you know anything about the people that go to the Iowa State Fair (or state fairs in general) you’d know that they aren’t checking Facebook on a regular basis.  And even if they were, they wouldn’t give a flying fuck about what people were saying about them.  If fairgoers had any sense of self awareness about what was being said about them on social media and cared about it then they wouldn’t go to a state fair with a mullet or be smoking a cigarette and drinking a beer while pregnant. Thems is the facts.  In the Venn diagram of state fairgoers there’s no overlap on the People Who Go To State Fairs and People With The Awareness Of What They Look Like/Care What They Look Like Enough To Get Upset About Mean Comments.  Is that how Venn diagrams work?  Honestly at one point I knew how they worked but after blogging for a few months I’m lucky I remember my own name and birth date.

Anyway, the people who want the Facebook page taken down are a bunch of goody- two-shoes who are simply looking for a fight when there doesn’t need to be one.  If you’re one of those people, shut the hell up and take solace in the fact that no one being made fun of on that Facebook page is seeing those comments.  And if they are, they literally don’t care.  They’re too busy worry about flood waters washing away their mobile homes.  Go find something else to be irrationally mad about.  We Iowans are supremely content with our outward appearance to the world.  Ignorance truly is bliss in this situation.

While we’re at it let’s take a look at some of the pictures:


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Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 10.49.39 AM

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 10.50.09 AM

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 10.50.24 AM

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Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 10.51.00 AM

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h/t emma-kate

By trent posted August 14th, 2014 at 10:58 AM

Kinnick Stadium’s Pink Locker Room Gets A Shout Out In ESPN’s College Football Commercial


What a day!  First an Iowan gets picked to date 25 women on national TV in hopes of finding a soul mate and then the infamous visiting pink locker room at Kinnick Stadium gets a shout out in ESPN latest commercial about the College Football Playoffs.  Big day around here.  I’ve mentioned it in previous blogs but the Hawkeyes getting hype before the season starts (people saying they can go undefeated, win the Big Ten West, Sports Illustrated picking them as a sleeper to make the playoffs, etc, etc.) makes me nervous.  Obviously with this commercial ESPN isn’t saying Iowa will for sure make the playoffs but putting us in the commercial means they don’t think it’s impossible.  Maybe I’m thinking about it too much.  Either way, it’s always cool to see Iowa getting some exposure.

For those of you that don’t know, the great Iowa football coach Hayden Fry had the visiting locker room painted pink.  He thought that it might put the opposing team in a more passive state of mind before heading out onto the field.  Has it worked?  I don’t know.  At this point it’s become just something iconic that goes along with Kinnick.  So there ya go.

By trent posted August 12th, 2014 at 4:05 PM
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